Comedians Without Context

So long!

Dear everyone,

When we first made this page, it was in a mad dash of enthusiastic, artistic delirium and our heads exploding with ideas for things we wanted showcase. We had concepts stacked on plans stacked on schemes stacked on thoughts. We were excited to show everyone what we were thinking.
We still are.

But we were different people.

We’re still Peter and Julie.
We’re still people who always laugh at fart jokes and love Billy Crystal. We’re the same inhuman people for the first 45 minutes we’re awake; we still grow gradually more and more bizarre every hour past sundown. We’re still people who create because we feel that we have to, even if we don’t want to in that moment.
That hasn’t changed.

What has changed is what fuels us. What keeps us awake at night. What we’re creating. We’re the same people, but not the same artists. The past 2.5 years have changed us as creators.

It wasn’t easy to make this decision, and it’s even difficult to type this message. This statement is made with heavy hearts.

We’ve ultimately decided to stop trying to put out material for this page. It just isn’t a medium that fits with what we’re creating.

We weren’t creating for the right reasons.
We were no longer creating because we had to, we were creating because we wanted people to see it. It was now a factor that was playing too large a part of the creative process. “How will people react to this” was dictating what we were creating.

This page has turned into poison for us, and we cannot in good conscious continue running this page consistently.

We’re different artists than we were 2.5 years ago, but we’re still the same people. This choice wasn’t easy to make and for those of us who have supported us all this time, thank you.

Thank you for growing with us - for following the two of us and our antics, for better or worse. For looking at and sharing the fruits of our labors. Every time any of you ever commented, shared, liked, or even told us about anything we made or posted, it made our days a little brighter. To know at least one person laughed at something we made was something we have, we still, and we will always love.
Thank you so much.

We’ll still add silly things we think of when we can. We’ll always be around, creating. We’ve got a few projects on the backburner that we’re unbelievably excited to start. We just have to put them aside until our lives calm down a little. Big projects. Small projects. Doodles. Films. We’ve always got something to say and something to make. That much hasn’t changed.

We hope you’ll be just as willing to tell us what you think about the art we make a year, five years, and ten years from now as you were these past couple years.
We’ll always be making things together.

We’ll always be excited to show you guys what we’ve done, but it has to be because want to show you, not because we want you to see it. That difference is important.

Keep your ear to the ground. Big things are always incoming. We’ll only stop making things when we die.
That much will never change.

Thank you.
Thank you so much for all the support you’ve given us over the years.
Thank you.

Julter Lundwie,
Comedians Without Context,
Julie & Peter

RTL # 30: Crappy Mall Chinese Food

Been needing more of these lately.

RTL # 16/??? : Ryan Gosling


drawn at your local coffee/beer bar.

This is New Song Church, otherwise known as Hardcore church. Because of all the hardcore shows that go on here. Last weekend Peter came down to our hometown to film a little band called Faithful Unto Death. It was their last show. I filmed in the back of the pit/crowd and this was what I saw. 

It seems violent and sacrelig’, but it’s been a home to a lot of people and couldn’t be more warm and welcoming. I just wanted to draw this as a sort of thank you to the strangest, most friendly crowd of people I know.


(got some new pens and a lil sketchbook)

wouldn’t you agree

Busy for life, but here’s a rotoscope assignment for class! we were allowed to add anything we wanted. -Julie


Consistent behaviours.